FACTS about the Proposed
Methanol Refinery and Export Terminal


This single refinery would:

9/2 UPDATE: Ecology's DSSEIS finds 4.6 million metric tons CO2e pollution added to our atmosphere every year for 40 years. (Source: DSSEIS table 3-5.11)
Thus Kalama Methanol Refinery would equal 5% of the state’s total climate emissions from all other activities combined! (Source: Sightline Institute analysis)

KMR = Climate Disaster



Join us in action now.
Stop this Kalama calamity.

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Fact Cards

(Affectionately known locally as "The Keely Cards".)

Fact Card: Climate & Fossil Fuels
Fact Card: Health & Safety Risks
Fact Card: Natural Resources
Fact Card: Your Money
All 4 Fact Cards on two pages
All 4 Fact Cards on a single page

Facts About Methanol

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Site Maps and Photos

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Above: Facility site map (from FEIS).

Below: Refinery location is less than 1 mile from Trojan Nuclear Power Plant's radioactive rods and nearer to Prescott OR than to downtown Kalama.

Above: The Kalama methanol refinery
would resemble this one in Trinidad
according to NWIW's project documents.

Below: The 3.1-mile Kalama Lateral pipeline
seizes private residential property by
eminent domain. For more overhead
shots see FEIS starting at page 112.

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