Basic Facts about Proposed Methanol Refinery

  • By far the largest methanol refinery in the world.
  • About as large as all 7 existing U.S. methanol refineries.
  • Increases WA state's total fracked gas use by over 1/3.
  • Increases WA state's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Would be one of WA's top greenhouse gas emitters.
  • NWIW is a new LLC company backed by the Chinese government.
  • NWIW has never built or operated a methanol refinery.
  • Never has this process of producing methanol been done at this scale.
  • Only 1 permanent job per acre most not hired from Cowlitz County.
  • All to make more plastics and profits for China.

Say "NO to Methanol" Fact Cards

Fact Card: Climate & Fossil Fuels
Fact Card: Health & Safety Risks
Fact Card: Natural Resources
Fact Card: Your Money
All 4 Fact Cards on two pages
All 4 Fact Cards on a single page

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