Enviro Impact Statement (EIS) & Permits

This page lists the status of the EIS and permits issued
to the best of our knowledge. For further details please
see timeline on the NEWS & ARCHIVES page.

~~~ 2021 ~~~

~~~ 2020 ~~~

~~~ 2019 ~~~

~~~ 2018 ~~~

  • Dept. of the Army Environmental Assessment and Statement of Findings dated Jan. 18, 2019. (Note: An E.A. is much less detailed and comprehensive than an E.I.S. and does not allow for public comment.)
  • Draft Supplemental EIS released Nov. 13, 2018. Hearing on Dec. 13. Public comment period open until Dec. 28.
  • Cowlitz County superior court upholds state SHB decision to invalidate shorelines permits, May 8, 2018. Confirms NWIW must write a SEIS that includes complete cradle-to-grave GHG emissions analysis. However, also re-instates shorelines SDP and CUP permits pending approved FSEIS.

~~~ 2017 ~~~

~~~ 2016 ~~~

~~~ 2014-2015 ~~~


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Current Status of Permits.
Updated 2/28/2021.
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Chart of permits and their status from page 28-29 of Final SSEIS.

Misc. Agencies, Docs, and Sites Related to the Project
and/or Permitting Process

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