Northwest Innovation Works (NWIW), a subsidiary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a new limited-liability company (who has never built a methanol facility) that wants to build the largest methanol (a volatile petrochemical) refinery in the world (about as large as all seven U.S. methanol refineries combined) on the Columbia River in the small town of Kalama, Washington (pop. 2500). Fracked methane (a potent greenhouse gas) from B.C. and the Rockies would be transported through WA by a 300-mile long Williams pipeline (which will need a diameter expansion and a new 3-mile pipeline through local residents' private property taken by eminent domain), converted to methanol (in a process never before used industrially), and exported in super-tankers through the Columbia River estuary to China where it would be used to make plastics, burned as transportation fuel, or sold on the open market.

If built this refinery would be a top polluter and massive fracked gas guzzler using more fracked gas than all other industrial users in WA combined, emitting more than 1 million tons of GHG from the smokestack alone, and emitting up to 7 million tons when including “upstream” methane leakage.  

This is NOT a "not in my backyard" protest. This massive facility should not be built ANYWHERE. We need to REDUCE our use of fossil fuels, keep them in the ground! Move to sustainable energies NOW -- wind, solar, geothermal -- these are the only acceptable way to power the earth. Plus renewable energy is the fastest growing job sector.

Peoples Climate March Boat Parade April 2017 Kalama Wa. John Flynn, boat owner. Rick Rappaport, Photographer.
Photo credit: Rick Rappaport

This refinery would obligate Washington state to decades of fossil fuel infrastructure and consumption, contribute substantially to global warming, use vast amounts of fresh water, pollute our air and river, harm salmon, take local residents' private property through eminent domain (for corporate not public gain), and expose the people of the northwest to health and safety risks. This is an extremely destructive proposal all for 192 jobs (few from Cowlitz County), profits to China, and more plastics clogging our oceans. Not worth the risks!

Say NO to methanol. Don't let our beloved beautiful
Columbia River estuary become the new Gulf Coast.
Protect the Pacific Northwest's #ThinGreenLine

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MAY 2018

Another victory in the fight against fracking and fossil fuel export!

Cowlitz County Superior Court Affirms: Port Broke Law By Ignoring GHG Pollution

On May 8th the Cowlitz County Superior Court upheld the Washington Shorelines Hearings Board’s decision that the Port of Kalama and Cowlitz County broke the law by failing to disclose and evaluate greenhouse gas pollution from the proposed Kalama methanol refinery. But, he also reinstated the two key permits, pending the new SEIS.

Port of Kalama must now choose: - appeal court decision;
- admit true environmental cost of methanol refining and export; or
- abandon this dirty fossil fuel project as NWIW did when faced w/ strong public outcry in Tacoma.

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Note: Richard DeBolt, while serving as LD20 State Representative, ALSO holds paid position, Executive of External Relations, for NWIW. Conflict of interest! In fact DeBolt lists NWIW as his main job on his Linked-In page [GIF version]. State Rep is apparently just a back-up. Violating his oath of office. Not working in the best interest of Cowlitz citizenry!

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