Columbia Riverkeeper is the lead organization assisting the community fight this refinery. The Senior Organizer for Columbia Riverkeeper on this campaign is Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky (503-929-5950).

Top Websites for Anti-Methanol Information

Columbia Riverkeeper's "Methanol in Kalama" page includes printable fact sheets, info on hearings and comment periods, updates on legal challenges, and links to news articles.

Redline Tacoma website includes lots of info about the dangers of methanol: Risks of Methanol and Downloads/Resources. Tacoma was able to stop a similar methanol refinery (#methanol253) and then NWIW set their sights on Kalama (#methanol360). We can stop them too!

Excellent series by Sightline Institute "Fracked Fuel & Petrochemical Projects in the Pacific Northwest" with extensive details about methanol, hydraulic fracturing, and more.

Other like-minded enviro-friendly nonprofit organizations listed HERE.

Rad Reads, Great Graphics

Columbia Riverkeeper's white paper “Methanol Refining and Export on the Columbia: What You Need to Know"
(or the one page version)

Sightline Institute's "Kalama's Methanol Refinery by-the-Numbers" article is a well-sourced detailed read by policy expert Eric de Place.

Please abide by Sightline's Free Use Policy.

Vital Videos, Awesome Audios

The Pacific Northwest is the Thin Green Line. WA, OR, and B.C. must stand strong
together against big oil and gas. Learn more at Sightline's Fossil Fuels NW.

Video from Columbia Riverkeeper "Act Now: Protect the
Columbia from the World's Largest Methanol Refinery"


Audio Podcast from Making Contact. Will we allow petrochemical export terminals to turn the PNW into a Sacrifice Zone? [Part 1 and Part 2]

Environmental Impact Statement & Permits

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We support the citizens working throughout the PNW to stop the world's largest fracked-gas to methanol refinery and export terminal from being built along our Columbia River in SW WA.
Say NO to #methanol360.

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